Our Heritage 

Established in 2018, The House of SXN set out to inject a sense of high-end sensuality and creative art concepts into the fetish wear industry, all while eschewing the obscene pricing model maintained by other "luxury" brands.   
From carefully crafted fetish wear to high-end toys, every piece we create is specifically designed to enhance your erotic play and kink sessions.  Our products are unique, high-quality & unapologetically sensual, with luxurious finishes and styling.     

Our Brand (Our Customers)

The House of SXN brand is specifically catered to our discerning customers and features exclusive, one of a kind designs that are not found elsewhere.  Our growing customer base is adventurous, bold, playfully enthusiastic, and willing to push the boundaries of the ordinary.  While heavily influenced by classic BDSM form and function our designs are innovative, provocative pieces of wearable art.   

We deviate away from the concept of high volume, inferior quality, mass distribution and focus on higher standards through the use of quality materials, exemplary construction and innovative design.  Rest assured, orders placed on our website will deliver authentic House of SXN brand items to your doorstep with the utmost discretion. 

Our brand is expanding rapidly with new collections selling out within weeks and even days, join us on our remarkable journey to push the limits of fashion and engage your sensual fetish side.